My paintings explore the link between imagination and nature. By simply looking and then translating the experience into a painterly metaphor, the paintings make a connection between painter and environment. The hope, always mixed with doubt, is that something reflective, poetic and even moral is expressed about our being in the world.



Pratt Institute

Queens College

Art League of Long Island, studied with Stan Brodsky


Solo Exhibitions

"Seeing and Imagination Paintings in the Symbolist Tradition"      Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, Huntington NY


Group Shows

"Artist’s Choice"      B. J Spoke Gallery, Huntington NY

Exhibiting with member artist Lorraine Carol: 
    Vincent Joseph’s fearless, mastery over color is obvious in his paintings but a closer look at the subject matter shows a fragility and uncertainty. Flowers with their heads bowed, vases overfilled, and tilted as if they are on the verge of falling, a vulnerable figure remembering (what, is left for to the viewers interpretation). It’s this juxtaposition that I am drawn to in his work.  
    Color is the foundation of my work. I use a limited palette and mix my own colors, seeking out unexpected color relationships. I embrace flaws that surface during the process of painting.
    “Hawthorne On Painting” (one of my favorite and most relevant books on color), contains notes written by the students of Charles W. Hawthorne during their studies with the artist at the Cape Code school of art. In it you can find Hawthorne’s approach (teachings on); to seeing, form, and (my favorite) color. He shares “if you only put a spot of color in the relation to other spots, you will see how little drawings takes to make form, do not make form and color it. Work with color as if you were creating mass-like a sculptor with his clay. Allow your color rather than your drawing to create form.”
    The paintings of Vincent Joseph epitomize Hawthorne's teachings. While his paintings may contain subjects, the thingness of the subject doesn’t overpower the composition, instead it just happens to be one element of a powerful expression of color, line, and form. 

"LIM–Arts Inspired By..."      Long Island Museum, Sony Brook NY

"Beauty in the Abstract"       Art Guild, Port Washington NY      Award 2nd Place Abstract Painting ["Ladder"] 

"Conversations in Color"      Huntington Arts Council, Huntington NY

Ripe Art Gallery, Huntington NY

"1SF"      Long Island Museum, Stony Brook NY

"Here and Now"      Long Island Museum, Stony Brook NY